Can you identify these Tamarack photos?

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Summer is starting to wind down as kids and parents prepare for the school year to come. While many of the former might have gone to camp Tamarack this year to make memories, bond and enjoy the outdoors, many of the latter might still recall their own fond memories from camp. If this sounds like you, then we could use your help!

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The Leonard N. Simons Jewish Community Archives is home to the papers and photographs of the Fresh Air Society and Camp Tamarack, a collection that has grown considerably over the years. One such addition was a large deposit of photo binders containing photographs from the 1950s in Camp Brighton to the early 2000s at Camp Maas, plus travel trips to Alaska and Western, as well as the Agree Outpost Camp.

As with many photo collections, very few of the photographs have been identified, or even have a date or location listed for them. While we have some context clues, it often isn’t much to go on. But with your help we can put a name, a date, or a place to many of these photos and hopefully help connect you to some memories of your own.

If you want to help identify some classic camp photos, or just want to take a look through our constantly growing collection of Tamarack photos, visit our digital database here.