For necessity, a sense of purpose or just mere enjoyment, working longer into later years of life is a trend making its mark on the workforce. In fact, a recent report in Moneywise showed that workers aged 75 plus were the only group projected to grow its share of the employment pool, from 8.9%  in 2020 to 11.7%  in 2030. 

With this in mind, Gesher Human Services, a partner agency of the Jewish Federation of Detroit, is now offering free support, advice and information for adults who want to discover employment options that might be suitable at this stage of their lives, and which might also be fun and fulfilling. Called “Re-evaluating Retirement,” this service is for those considered at an age where they could be retiring, but are looking for their next employment chapter instead. 

“Retirement age used to be 65, but years ago, people didn’t live as long; now life expectancy means that mature workers are navigating these different times and what they should and could be doing,” explained Gesher Employment and Internship Specialist Gerard Baltrusaitis.  “There have been so many social changes with people having free agency, contract work, and since Covid-19, work-from-home, and flexibility. The days of ‘30 years and out’ with the same employer is no longer relevant, and we want to ensure mature workers have the options and backing they deserve.” 

Baltrusaitis said he had recently been contacted by a 76-year-old plumber and an 80-year-old automotive engineer, both of whom wanted to remain employed and requested career assistance. “Young people going to college get student orientation, couples that are engaged often go to marriage prep classes, and when you start a job there is on-boarding by the employer,” explained Employment and Internship Specialist Gerard Baltrusaitis. “But for people who are approaching retirement age, who might not be ready to leave the workforce, they are left without a ‘target’ of what they should be doing. Mature adults need to adapt and adjust, so we are offering retirement orientation sessions.” 

“Re-evaluating Retirement” will provide information and support, plus an opportunity to discuss individual employment issues. Participants who need more structured assistance, such as help with a resume, career counseling, or job search help, will be guided to additional programming at Gesher.  

Sessions will be held from 6 – 7:30 PM every other Tuesday at Gesher Human Services (29699 Southfield Road, Southfield, MI 48076). Upcoming dates are October 24, November 7, November 21 and December 5. You can come to one or all of the meetings.  

To register, email Gerard Baltrusaitis at or call 248-233-4288.