David Contorer

This Man is Begging you to ask Him for Money

David Contorer has taken Hebrew Free Loan to new frontiers, from fertility treatments to startups. The biggest challenge, he says, is not enough people who could benefit from HFL’s help know about it.

WP Past Presidents

A Woman of Valor Video

This month, seeing is believing why Dulcie Rosenfeld is a Woman of Valor in Jewish Detroit. 

Lifetime Achiever

Celebrating Dulcie Rosenfeld. Honored by Federation’s Women’s Philanthropy as the Detroit recipient of the Kipnis-Wilson/Friedland Award.

Essential Workforce

For Jared Rothberger, owner and CEO of Jan-Pro Detroit, a leading commercial cleaning franchise in the country, it has been a year like no other.

Is This Time Different?

Pastor Aramis Hinds and Rabbi Ariana Silverman continue their ongoing conversations about race, religion, community and equality on this month’s episode of FedRadioDetroit.

Rabbi Josh Bennett

Forever Forward

Twenty five years ago, a new rabbi named Josh came to Temple Israel with faith in his future in Detroit. Today, Rabbi Josh is known well beyond the realm of his congregation: A spiritual leader, beloved colleague and mentor, a gifted teacher. A community bridge-builder, a trusted counsel and best friend to an ever-widening circle. A marathon runner, a new gardener, and an avid Tigers fan.