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Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Jewish Detroit’s Oldest Residents Tell All

On Summer Interns

Jessica Goodwin reflects upon her summer internship through Federation’s JOIN program.

Reflections on the New School Year

Scholar, educator, writer and esteemed “imperfectionist,” Rabbi Yitzchok Grossbard is Dean of Yeshiva Beth Yehudah in Southfield. “Good parents and teachers help children understand and accept imperfection in themselves and in the world around them.”

Kevin Sack, Seafare Foods

Hooray for Herring

A family business, home-grown in Detroit, MaCohen’s is the last kosher food purveyor downtow.

Glassman Party

JCC West Bloomfield [MAP] Please join us for the JCC’s fabulous Glassman Party! Sponsored by The Active Life, the Glassman Party will feature the brilliant Billy Rose Band, delicious desserts… Continue reading Glassman Party

A Rabbi Reflects on Ketchup

Rabbi, writer, psychotherapist and creator of “Torah on Tap,” Rabbi Leiby Burnham leads a growing following of young adults, making Judaism fresh, relevant, authentic and meaningful.
Shabbat is the Jewish people’s ketchup-free sanctuary, a place in time where we can live in the moment, without the myriad distractions of the ketchup world.

My Sister’s Challah

Writer and challah-maker extraordinaire, Elizabeth Applebaum is Marketing Director at the Jewish Community Center. When not attending to the news and events at the JCC, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her four children, reading at leisure and playing a curiously competitive game of Words with friends.
My sister, Becca, and I are different. I’m obsessively clean; she is not. She loves shoes, and I like purses. Becca lives yoga; my idea of exercise is walking across the room to get cookies.