Built for this Moment

In 2021, Federation’s efforts were dedicated to securing the resources we will need to ensure the continued health and welfare of the community throughout the duration of the pandemic and beyond.

Witness Theater

They were young: children and teens, driven out their homes and villages, brutally separated from mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers.They endured hunger, bitter cold and constant fear. They hid. They fled. They fought and survived.

JFS: How we responded to Covid

JFS provides services for those most in need, helping uninsured adults receive healthcare, families avoid foreclosure, older adults age with dignity and households meet needs as basic as food and shelter.

JVS Human Services: How We Responded to Covid

JVS helps those with and without disabilities meet life challenges affecting their self-sufficiency. Covid presented a different type of challenge.

Yad Ezra: How We Responded to Covid

Yad Ezra provides an average of 1,200 impoverished families with food, health care items and household goods every month.

Neil Zalenko

Professional Partner

Accounting for the many goals achieved in his 76 years, Neal Zalenko’s profession has served him well.


All In

From teaching a computer to solve a Rubik’s Cube, to a software engineering internship with The Boeing Company, to a JD from MSU College of Law, to his calling in patent law, Keith Schonberg has developed an impressive resume.

Betsy Heuer

Atypical Jewish Mother

Where do we to start with Betsy’s story? She’s got a memoir entitled Beer and Whine and Other Bubbly Concoctions available on Kindle that covers some of the highpoints, but admits that her information is slightly dated and brazenly personal.

The Path to Israel’s Independence

While many Detroiters were crucial in the development of Israel, the life-altering journey of two men, Louis Berry and Joseph Holtzman, remain a legend to this day.