Listen to "Finding the Light and Life After October 7"

“It’s time to hustle.” That’s the message from Rabbi Asher Lopatin to our Jewish community in the aftermath of October 7. To learn to be strong and not afraid. To step up, step out and not be dragged down by people who want to defeat us. It’s inspiring advice, and just one of the topics touched on in this insightful FedRadio episode. There’s talk of Israel as the hope for the Jewish people. The importance of JCRC/AJC in how Israel is portrayed in the media and making make sure all sides are represented correctly. Rabbi Lopatin also emphasizes the importance of building bridges with other ethnic, racial, civic and religious groups. It’s an uphill battle to combat anti-Israel bias, but ultimately Rabbi Lopatin is convinced that continuing to find light and life, not death and darkness, is the source of our strength. 

In our featured collaboration with the Detroit Jewish News, we’ll also hear about the exciting rebranding and reimagination of The J, formally the Jewish Community Center, with The J’s CEO Brian Siegel.  

FedRadioDetroit is Federation’s podcast series hosted by Sam Dubin and Beverly Liss and featuring big personalities from Jewish Detroit’s diverse cast of characters.  

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