Listen to "A Real Mensch on the Bench"

From his Jewish Detroit background to groundbreaking rulings as Senior US District Judge of the US District Court of the Eastern District of Michigan, Judge Bernard Friedman has cultivated a sense of “rachmanis.” Just one of the Jewish values that have given him a light on life and the ability to think differently. We’ll hear about his role in the landmark Deboer Rowse case that led to the legalization of same sex marriage, other cases that have impacted him as a person, and as a Jewish person, most of all. Plus, his advice to new lawyers and the power of positive thinking.  

New this episode, the debut of our collaboration with the Detroit Jewish News to spotlight even more of the wonderful people who make up our Jewish community. Up first, the meet cute story of Winnie and Aaron Krieger, a couple happily married for 70 years and counting recently featured in the Jewish News “How We Met” series. 

FedRadioDetroit is Federation’s podcast series hosted by Sam Dubin and Beverly Liss, and featuring big personalities from Jewish Detroit’s diverse cast of characters. Presented in collaboration with the Detroit Jewish News.  

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