The award-winning digital series Coming of Age features inspiring Jewish role models from the Motor City and others who have had a major impact in Detroit’s Jewish community. Rightfully so, the Season 2 Premiere features Fisher family scion and matriarch Jane Sherman. Coming of Age and Silver Screen Studios are projects of Reboot, a national Jewish arts and culture organization that works to reimagine and reinforce Jewish thought and traditions.

Jane Sherman has the subject of legacy on her mind. Not only is she focused on ensuring the continuing tradition of her iconic family’s philanthropic impact in support of the Jewish people and the State of Israel—established by her late father, businessman and informal presidential advisor Max M. Fisher (aka The Quiet Diplomat), but she’s also focused on improving the lives of marginalized Jews, from Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews) to Refuseniks. In this Coming of Age Detroit episode, Sherman recalls seminal moments that strengthened and deepened her Jewish identity throughout her life and offers insights into the Detroit Jewish community’s steadfast commitment to the Jewish homeland.