Sam Dubin

Due to social distancing, we regret there will not be a podcast episode of FedRadioDetroit this month. We look forward to connecting with you there soon. In the meantime, we hope this column finds you and your family healthy and well.

Society and the lives we’ve known have temporarily changed. We have swapped out conference rooms for telecommunicating; break rooms for our kitchens and in-person Shabbat services for video services. We are adapting to our new normal while maintaining our optimism that life as we know it will return.

While recently watching The View (I’m already learning the daytime TV schedule) the ladies were discussing how in-person greetings might change once COVID-19 has come and gone. Bowing instead of handshakes? Curtsies instead of hugs? Elbow bumps instead of kissing on the cheek? While there is plenty of time to work out the details surrounding salutations, I’m much more interested in how humanity will change post-COVID-19.

I’ve often found some of the world around me operating in an ‘every man or woman for themselves’ kind of way. The same technology that is currently assisting in connecting us – ironically – is the same technology that was making us more disconnected in the pre-COVID-19 world.

The defeat of this virus demonstrates a lesson we can all take with us when this ordeal is a memory: Each individual decision has a collective impact. We are staying in our homes, keeping our distance and checking on those around us via technology because we know defeating this virus is predicated upon these actions.

I’m heartened that each of us is exhibiting the ability to make the world around us a better one. Prior to this pandemic, it was easy to look at collective measures to make the world a better place as elusive – not always able to see the benefits.

As we optimistically look toward the future – let us take the principles of combating this crisis and apply them in our own community. Every donation you make to Federation’s campaign – that has a collective impact. Every volunteer hour you lend – that has a collective impact. Each and every life you touch everyday, that too — a collective impact.

This crisis has renewed my belief that this world thrives on the spirit of one another. Once we head back to work, go out for dinner or attend a show – it’s my vision that we’ll be living in a kinder, gentler and more giving world.

On behalf of my co-host/ Federation’s president Beverly Liss, we wish you and your family an abundance of health and strength as we get through this crisis together.