Israel is Central to Detroit. Because since 1994, the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit has partnered with cities in Israel in a region known as the Central Galilee. This Partnership2Gether participation has created long-lasting relationships that have strengthened both communities.  

Thousands of lives have been touched by Partnership2Gether programs like Teen Mission, the Detroit Community Taglit-Birthright Israel and the Israeli Camper Program, which brings the largest contingent of Israeli campers anywhere in the U.S. right here to Michigan. In fact, over the years, Detroit and the Central Galilee have become more than partners. They’re like family. Two communities sharing resources, culture and lifelong friendships to help create one vibrant, sustainable Jewish future.  

An Israeli veteran meets his FDIF IMPACT! Scholarship Sponsor.
An Israeli veteran meets his FDIF IMPACT! Scholarship Sponsor.

Recently the FIDF IMPACT! Scholarship Program and the Federation announced a new partnership on behalf of IDF veterans from Michigan’s Partnership2Gether region. Now, when you give an IMPACT! Scholarship Sponsorship, your donation can go directly to a student from the Central Galilee region, giving those Israelis who have established relationships in Michigan, and who have a deep connection to our Jewish community, the chance to take the next step forward. 

The IMPACT! Scholarship Program grants four-year academic scholarships to IDF veterans from low socioeconomic backgrounds. It also provides funds to cover living expenses while they study and gives them the unique benefit of direct contact with their sponsors in the United States. In return, scholarship recipients must complete 130 hours of community service per year. This contribution to their communities, and completion of a higher education degree, help to advance Israel’s economy.  

To make your IMPACT! felt in Jewish Detroit’s Partnership2Gether region consider an IMPACT! gift to support Michigan/Central Galilee young adults and help them stay connected to Detroit’s Jewish community. Because from summer camps to college campuses, you have a partner in the Promised Land. 

For more information and to make a gift contact: 

Paula Lebowitz, FIDF MI Chapter Director

In her own words.

Meet Amit… a Federation Parthenship2Gether and IMPACT! Scholarship alumn.


Amit Perchuk
Amit Perchuk

My name is Amit Perchuk and I am 25 years old. My incredible journey with Partnership started almost 11 years ago.

In 2008 I attended as a camper with the Israeli Camper Program to Tamarack camp in Detroit, MI and had an amazing first-time experience as a “Ruach” camper. This was definitely only the beginning!

In 2009 I attended as part of the Partnership “Leadership Program” and then again in 2010 as TSS Hadracha (Teen Service Program) at Camp Tamarack. The Partnership was my home away from home in every step I took during those years.

In 2012 I graduated from Manhigoot (Leadership Program) and started my IDF service as a Tank instructor.

By the end of my service, I joined the Partnership Birthright mission with the Detroit Federation Young Adult program and I loved every minute of it. I had the most wonderful chance to meet people my age from Michigan and forged such strong connections with the campers, their families and the counsellors. I had the honour to tell my Israeli story and to represent the region in front of the program donors. However, I knew this still was nowhere near the end of my journey.

I continued as a counsellor with the Leadership Program and had the opportunity to give something back to the ‘family’ that had been such a big part of my life. My journey with Partnership gave me the opportunity to grow, find my Jewish identity, pass on my knowledge of Jewish education and to extend my relations with Israel and the wider Jewish community.

I had learned so much from my journey, but I was still wanting more.So, in 2016 I became a long-term emissary for Israel as part of the Shlichut unit at the Jewish agency. I posted as the Israeli representative to the Jewish community in Temple Beth Sholom in Miami Beach, FL. Not once during those 2 years did I ever forget to mention Michigan, where I learnt everything in the first place.

Today I am a second-year student at the Hebrew University for Political Science and Education and I had the honour to win the IMPACT! Scholarship which has helped me to complete my degree and become a Hebrew University Alumni.

From everything I have experienced so far in my journey, I have developed a strong belief that the Partnership Region alumni and the IMPACT! Scholarship students should [be joined] to promote alumni from both organisations.

I am so honoured to bring my knowledge and values that I have taken from my Partnership experiences to my IMPACT! volunteering. Either by continuing working and volunteering with kids or adults and by bringing back the kindness to my community from what I have learnt from my time in both programs.