2022 Shinshiniot

Photo l to r: Daria Sivan, Aya Giladi, Lihi Shtiglits and Michal Neuman 

For the next year, Daria Sivan, Lihi Shtiglits, Aya Giladi, Michal Neuman will make Michigan their home away from home as our community’s Shinshiniot. In Israel, they live in the Central Galilee, Metro Detroit’s Partnership2Gether (P2G) region, where programs like the Israeli Camper Program and Detroit Community Teen Mission give individuals in Israel and Michigan the chance to connect and develop lifelong bonds.  

So, you probably want to know… 

What are Shinshiniot anyway? 

Shinshin (ש”ש) is the Hebrew acronym for Shenat Sherut (שנת שירות), meaning Year of Service.  

Collectively known as Shinshinim (or the female possessive Shinshiniot, which we will use this year since all our new Sinshinim are women), they are Israeli high school graduates who defer their army service for one year in order to volunteer in English speaking communities. 

How They Serve 

Their role is to bring Israel here in a very tangible way, strengthening the local Jewish community’s connections with modern Israel and the concept of shared peoplehood. 

Where to Find Them 

Synagogues, schools, camp, the JCC… they’ll be everywhere and meet everyone, learning, teaching and having fun! 

So, now that you know… 

It’s time to get to know our 2022-2023 Shinshiniot. Shalom and welcome. We are so glad you’re here. 

Daria Sivan 

  • Hometown: Moshav Beit Shearim, Jezreel Valley 
  • Hadracha: Counsellor in the Bnei Hamoshavim youth movement 
  • Particpates in P2G’s Teen Leadership Program 
  • Hobbies: Playing piano and dancing 

“I want to meet new people and experience new cultures, make new friendships and to be a good ambassador for Israel.” 

Aya Giladi 

  • Hometown: Tzippori, Jezreel Valley 
  • Connection to P2G: Attended Tamarack Camps in 8th grade and has been part of the Teen Leadership Program ever since 
  • Hobby: Photography 

“I have a sincere wish to learn about Jewish life abroad and experience it. I’m really passionate about going on this experience by joining a family and being part of the community.”  

Lihi Shtiglits

  • Hometown: Migdal HaEmek
  • School Major: Art 
  • Fun Fact: She’s a vegetarian! 

“When I first heard about this program, I thought to myself what a wonderful thing it is, to be able to make a difference in the lives of young children, introduce them to Judaism as I know it, and help them create a perspective of their own.” 

Michal Neuman 

  • Hometown: Jerusalem 
  • School Majors: Psychology and Law 
  • Volunteer Experience: Has volunteered with children with special needs, Ethiopian Olim and senior adults 

“I want to show everyone a different side of Israel. Not the political side and the fighting, but a teenager who loves her country, friends and life. I want all of them to see the Israel that I see, and connect to real Israeli people, instead of the Israel they see on the news.” 

Learn more about the Shinshiniot program at the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit’s website.  

Follow our Shinshiniot on their Facebook page at facebook.com/ShinshinimDetroit