To the young adults who never left, the revitalization of Detroit is old news. We see a bustling Campus Martius in all seasons. We try out the ever-growing list of new restaurants. We read about up-and-coming neighborhoods and luxury lofts (some of us even live downtown). We’re a part of this reinvigorated sense of pride in our city. And we know that there are jobs here. Good jobs. Jobs that didn’t exist ten years ago, or even five years ago. But do the Detroit millennials who left to find work after college know?

The Great Recession left us with a generation of “expats” — and we want them back.

With many young professionals coming home to Detroit for the holiday, Thanksgiving weekend is prime time to showcase Detroit’s thriving job market. Jobs in the D, a re-imagined job fair presented in partnership by Crain’s Detroit and The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit’s young adult division, NEXTGen Detroit, is seizing that opportunity.

“Employers are always looking for new talent; what better time to connect with a new job opportunity than when you’re home for the holiday?” said Mary Kramer, Publisher, Crain’s Detroit Business. “We have seen these job fairs work in other cities. Why not Detroit?”

The William Davidson Foundation first came to Crain’s with an idea to capitalize on the success of their annual Detroit Homecoming and create something targeted specifically for young adults. Detroit Homecoming is a three-day, invite-only event that brings business leaders from around the country together to celebrate and invest in their hometown. Since 2014, Detroit Homecoming has raised over $260 million dollars for projects and businesses in the city.

Detroit Homecoming 2015, Photo by Aaron Eckels for Crain's Detroit Business
Detroit Homecoming 2015, Photo by Aaron Eckels for Crain’s Detroit Business

While both Jobs in the D and Detroit Homecoming share a goal of getting expats excited about what’s happening here, Jobs in the D is not looking for monetary investments.  Instead, the event is solely focused on helping young adults grow their careers in Metro Detroit.

To take Jobs in the D from an idea to a well-attended reality, Crain’s came to NEXTGen Detroit and Born and Raised Detroit Foundation, two organizations that put on incredibly popular young adult events during the holiday weekend.

NEXTGen Detroit’s Latke Vodka will take place the Saturday night after Thanksgiving. Born and Raised Detroit will host their 10th Annual Gobble Wobble in Birmingham the day before on November 25th.  Jobs in the D is set for November 26th from 6:30 to 8 PM, right before Latke Vodka and in the same location. Both organizations are co-promoting Jobs in the D, and NEXTGen Detroit has been instrumental in the development and execution of the event.

The 2015 Latke Vodka Host Committee
The 2015 Latke Vodka Host Committee

“Latke Vodka attracts over 1,000 young Jewish adults, an estimated 300 of whom do not currently live in Metro Detroit, so it’s really a perfect partnership opportunity for Jobs in the D,” said Brittany Karson of NEXTGen Detroit. “Everyone who wants to register for Jobs in the D must first register for Latke Vodka. We then send a follow up email to upload your resumé to Crain’s Work Fountain site. Jobs in the D attendees are invited to stick around and continue networking in the Majestic Café until Latke Vodka begins.”

In lieu of scheduled interviews and traditional business attire, Jobs in the D is a much more casual take on a job fair. Twenty-five of Detroit’s most desirable employers will set up shop in the Majestic Theatre and the estimated 100+ attendees will have the opportunity to strike up conversations with the represented businesses and organizations while enjoying drinks and appetizers.

The Majestic Theatre set up for Latke Vodka
The Majestic Theatre set up for Latke Vodka

“While Jobs in the D is focused on helping young expats who are considering moving back to the area find a job, it is also open to young professionals who have recently moved back or who are living here and looking to make a career move,” said Lauren Kepes, Employment Specialist for JVS and NEXTGen Detroit.  “JVS is also providing resources for attendees before the event, free of charge, including resume refreshing and interview prep.”

Lauren Kepes and Brittany Karson
Lauren Kepes and Brittany Karson

To register for Latke Vodka and/or Jobs in the D visit You will first need to register for Latke Vodka and then will be emailed information to register for Jobs in the D.