From the Archives, December 2012

Clothes change.  Hairstyles change.  Families grow. The community builds.  Happily,  Chanukah stays Chanukah through the ages.

Spin of the Dredel,  Circa 1930

They called it  “playschool” then,  not preschool. Back in the ’30s the Jewish Community Center’s playschool for children under five met  at the 12th Street Council Center.

Spin of the Dreidel
A playschool spin on Chanukah at the 12th Street Jewish Council Center.

Family Celebration, November 20, 1956

Chanukah candle lighting at the home Dr. Samuel Krohn and family, a photo from the Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs, Wayne State University.

Family Celebration
Dr. Samuel Krohn & Family on the first night of Chanukah, 1956.

Chanukah Party,  December 1967

Say “latke” and smile for the camera at the  Jewish Community Center Nursery School

Chanukah Party
Latkes and small fry: Chanukah at the “J” nursery school, 1967.

Pretty as a Picture,  Circa 1960

For those who remember: the days when the Jewish Community Center was on Meyers Road.

Pretty as a Picture
Menorah lighting at the Jewish Community Center, 18100 Meyers Road.

Remembering Mom, 1995

Celebrating Chanukah at the Jewish Federation Institute for Single Jewish Mothers

Remembering Mom
A Chanukah to celebrate: hosted by the Agency for Jewish Education’s Institute for Single Moms, 1995.