Take a look at our past.  Can you identify the time and place these photos were taken? What memories bring back a summertime in your life?  How many people on this page do you know by name?  Share your answers and comments below.

The year was 1966

Braids and bobby socks. Sharing a book, under the shade of a tree, one-on-one, Federations Women’s “Junior Division” Summer Program worked its magic to encourage young readers. Recognize anyone?

Federation's Junior Division Summer Program_July 15, 1966
Federation’s Junior Division Summer Program_July 15, 1966


The year was 1991

Matters of taste under hot discussion: Federation’s Campaign leadership,  sharing tips on critical matters of chicken and barbeque sauce.

Federation's Campaign Barbeque_May 25, 1991
Federation’s Campaign Barbeque_May 25, 1991


The year was 1983

They ran.  They walked.  They carried balloons.  Remember the Freedom Run at the Federation Fair?  Were you there?

"Freedom Run" at Federation's Community Fair_September 25, 1983
“Freedom Run” at Federation’s Community Fair_September 25, 1983


The year was 1965

Toss up. Who’s go the ball?  All in a day of camp at the Jewish Community Center.

Jewish Community Day Camp_July 1965
Jewish Community Day Camp_July 1965