Still Looking for a Job?

“How many resumes have you sent out?”

“Have you checked the Internet?”

“Are you taking time off?”

“So, how long have you been out of work?”

Searching for a job is stressful enough. Holidays can pose their own particular challenge.When relatives and friends are gathered in force, even their best intended advice and questions can make you feel out of place and out of sorts.  So, what do you do when requests to pass the matzoh turn into inquiries about the job hunt?

Manage a smile.

Stay positive.

Take the moment as your opportunity to network.

Remember your friends and family are there to help. Your best response is short and assertive: “Yes, I’m still looking, and my focus is on the retail industry.”

Your answer lets everyone know that:

  • You are not taking a break for the holiday
  • You have a clear job target

Let’s face it: in this economy, everyone has financial worries, and your dearest relatives don’t always want to hear about your troubles. Most will want to end the conversation as quickly as you do. There also will be relatives and friends at the table who have the capability to help you. Two words of advice from the experts:  Let them!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Clearly and concisely explain your job target. For example: “I’d like to work as a legal assistant.”
  • Wait for their response. More likely than not, they know a lawyer.
  • Tell everyone that you are looking for opportunities to meet new people and potential leads. Ask them to introduce you to any contacts they mention by email or whatever method is most convenient for them.
  • Follow up with their suggestions.  And thank them! They want to know that their efforts produced a result,  so keep them in the loop. Even if you found a good contact and not a job lead, let them know the outcome.


  • It’s important to network and stay active with others in your field.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Show confidence by keeping up your appearance.

Getting the job done.

Job hunting has its own challenges and opportunities during any holiday. Polishing your hunting skills with a little professional guidance can help give you the tools and the strategy you need to get the job you want. JVS can help speed your steps through the process, show you ways to reduce the schmaltz and gobbledygook from your resume to make a better impression. Want to learn how to use LinkedIn and Facebook to conduct winning interviews? We can show you how. To see just how well speed-networking can work for you, contact JVS at 248.233.4245 or visit us at