What Keeps Me Going

As a self-proclaimed “over-involved” member of our Detroit Jewish community, I tend to live life promoting one event to the next; fundraising for Jewish Federation Annual Campaign or a tribute book for this gala or that. What’s really amazing is that as much energy each event gets – it never gets old or dated. A lot of people ask me how I keep going – or, what’s my personal favorite activity after they realize I do, in fact, have a full time job.  How is it that I am able to be so involved?  And why?

A sense of pride

And, with a smile – I can tell you. Because I know we are doing EPIC things. On Saturday March 10, 2012 we officially launched the NextGen Division of Detroit Federation at the MGM Casino in Detroit. This was not just your ordinary event. There was energy unlike any I have ever felt  at a charity event. I remember when I first opened the doors that led into the lobby of the ballroom – right before everyone took their seats. 600 young Jewish people gathered – with a sense of pride to be there.

To the naysayers who wonder where our Detroit youth have gone – there are clearly a ton of people here. We just need to engage them, excite them – and they will understand how much they matter.

We are here. We are staying.

EPIC was more than an event. It’s more than a word that described a community being brought together in a new way for the first time. It was the culmination of so many people who are shouting out: “We are here. We are staying. Detroit’s Jewish Community will succeed.

With every Facebook post to promote an event, and every phone call made to solicit and fundraise, there has been something greater and better than a increase in attendance. What EPIC did was multiply people who stood with me in this movement for involvement. For me – the most exciting thing about what we are doing here in Detroit is seeing my friends become as passionate as I am. And their friends following this lead, as well.

A new era for a young Jewish Detroit

We are embarking on a new era of Detroit’s young Jewish Community. It’s not about an event – although I am sure we will begin planning EPIC 2013 in the near future – it’s about why we plan it, and ultimately spend so much energy working together. It’s always been about our future home – and assuring that it’s not only a place we all want our children to be. It’s a place where our children will know how special it is to be part of Detroit’s Jewish community. That’s the legacy EPIC will leave.