Listen to "From Lumberjack to Musician to Mensch and All Points In Between"

A musician, author, Philanthropist and former lumberjack in Alaska, Ethan Davidson has seen and done some amazing things around the world. Now, he’s doing amazing things right back here at home as Chairman of the Grants Committee of the William Davidson Foundation. Ethan talks about his adventures, plus what it was like growing up under the shadow of a dad who just happened to own a pro basketball team.   

Mazel tov to this month’s Mitzvah Maker: Nancy Glen!

Mitzvah Maker is the segment of the show where we honor an unsung hero in our community.   

Nancy Glen is fortunate for her health, family, and the support she gets from those around her. She also knows that not everyone is as fortunate. That’s the acknowledgment from which a lifetime of volunteering began. As you’ll hear, Nancy likes to help people. Her advice on volunteering? Just jump in! 

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