ChoDesh Tov meaning Good Month, is one of the many greetings to welcome a new moon during the Jewish calendar. Another ChoDesh Tov fact? It’s also the name of the new subscription box venture from the Jewish Federation’s NEXTGen Detroit. 

Each monthly box is curated to help community members learn more about Judaism’s traditions and to stay connected during the COVID pandemic. The contents of each box focus on the one thing the Jewish calendar has no shortage of… Jewish holidays!  

January’s ChoDesh Tov subscription box is all about the holiday Tu’ Bishvat.

Each box contains a collection of nosh, swag, activities and information all wrapped up and packaged for your convenience. And lest we forget, Judaism is a team sport, so in addition to your Bubbie-approved box of goodies, NEXTGen Detroit is throwing optional monthly virtual get-togethers for schmoozing, sharing and enjoying your ChoDesh Tov treasures with other subscribers. 

Boxes will bring to life the following: 
January: Tu’ Bishvat 
February: Adar/Purim 
March: Passover 
April: Sefirat HaOmer (making each day count) and Pesach Sheini (second chances) 
May: Shavuot 
June: Summer 
July: Tisha B’Av
August: Elul (new beginnings) 
September: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur 
October: Fall 
November: Kislev 
December: Hanukkah 

Focusing on the NEXTGen Detroit age demographic, each box will appeal to both couples and families alike. ChoDesh Tov chairs, Abigail Epstein and Erin Steibel have worked tirelessly to form boxes that spark interest and provide unique, hands on experiences.  

According to ChoDesh Tov’s lead NEXTGen Detroit staff, Mimi Marcus, “We didn’t just want to put Jewish educational content in a box and call it good. So, each package is thoughtfully designed with entertaining activities that help subscribers learn and understand the Jewish holiday and traditions on their own terms, at their own pace.”  

Mimi mentioned that January’s box for example, provides subscribers with their own herb garden kit and diamond painting project to emphasize Tu’ Bishvat’s connection to the natural world as the holiday of the trees!  

The new subscription boxes are a fun and easy way to learn about and celebrate the most interesting dates on the Jewish calendar and mark the wonders of the changing seasons.  

Supplies are limited and have been going fast! To get the most current box available, visit NEXTGen Detroit’s ChoDesh Tov page.

For questions or more information, contact Mimi Marcus at