MyJewishDetroit readers know better than anyone that this community is home to some incredibly interesting movers, doers and dreamers, many of whom have been featured right here in mJD over the years. But with so many fascinating folks to talk to, and new people moving to town every year, we wanted to cast a wider net and introduce you to even more community members who are supporting, improving and creating amazing things every day. And we wanted to do it on today’s most popular format: the podcast.

One super star community member had the same thought— and a brilliant idea to make it happen. Sam Dubin is on the NEXTGen Detroit Executive Board and is the founder of NEXTGen Detroit Pride. With a background in broadcast journalism and his love of Jewish Detroit, FedRadioDetroit was his brain child. Sam’s order of business was finding a co-host, and Sam knew exactly who he wanted to ask — none other than Federation President Beverly Liss, who was more than thrilled to be a part of this new project. While at first glance they may seem like an odd couple, this intergenerational dual has some great chemistry in the studio and each brings a unique perspective and interview style.

Sam, Beverly and Scott in the studio

FedRadioDetroit’s first guest was an obvious choice, as his time at Federation is quickly coming to end. Scott Kaufman, soon to be the former CEO of JFMD, got in the hot seat for the launch of the series. The result was 45 minutes of pure podcast entertainment.

So without further ado, we proudly present this first FedRadio Detroit episode. Have a listen and look out for our next interview in January.