Caffeinated City

Call this post our ode to coffee shops in Detroit.

We think they deserve a moment in the spotlight, because let’s face it: life without our favorite caffeine hubs would force many of us to reinvent more than a few daily and weekly rituals.

We go there regularly to do work, to catch up with friends and mentors, to network.

Faces start to become familiar.

New connections are made, and with them, new opportunities.

Not only that, but in a big and bustling city like Detroit, coffee shops help keep us connected to our local neighborhoods. They give us a sense of place. They also let us check out new corners of the city and expand our personal communities.

Are you ready to start expanding your caffeine community horizons?

Here are 13 of our favorite places to fuel up and connect. Each of them are worth checking out, if not for their high-quality coffee, then for their unique atmospheres and ideal locations.

1) The Red Hook Cafe and Bakery

  • Friendly baristas, ample seating, Stumptown coffee
  • Lovely pastries, vegan desserts and some savory items
  • Quaint atmosphere, good music, bright lighting

“Not only do I love this cozy neighborhood of Indian Village, but also the vibe of this very chill and laid back coffee shop! I stopped in Red Hook after brunch with friends and I fell in love with the whole neighborhood and scenery! It’s trendy, but chill and relaxed. I was here on a Saturday afternoon. The music was great as they were playing some upbeat house music. The menu is simple, but the flavors really deliver.” Enjoli M. – Yelp

2) Germack Coffee Roasting Co.

  • A full line of fresh, small-batch roasted coffees
  • Dried fruits, chocolates, candies, nut butters and gourmet gifts
  • Prime location next to the Eastern market
  • Plenty of parking outside along Russell

“The customer service was very attentive and knowledgeable. I cannot express the level of my gratitude and the fact I am so impressed. I am not one to brag, but I have been in the best of the best. This place ranks as one of the best  diverse coffee/tea/spice establishments I have ever visited inside and outside of America in my 40 years.  And that’s a fact!”  Reva M. – Yelp

3) Stella Good Coffee

  • Prime location in the Fisher building
  • Cute and cozy space that serves sandwiches and pastries

“I frequent this coffee shop pretty much every day. The Illy coffee is superb, but what keeps me coming back are the amazing people that work there! Customer service is always their number one priority. Their cheerful and eclectic personalities are just a bonus to the excellent service they provide. This coffee shop actually inspired me to join Yelp so I could write a review for them. I love this place.” Ann M. – Yelp

4) Astro Coffee

  • Rotating cast of national roasters and pour over coffee
  • Select baked goods and sandwiches made in house using organic and natural products
  • Colorful wall murals
  • Prime downtown location

“Great coffee spot in Corktown! First time stopping into Astro and loved the space. Very rustic, totally hipster, but super friendly staff and wonderful coffee.” Aparna B., Yelp

5) ASHE Supply Co.

  • Craft coffee roasters
  • Coffee subscriptions and ladies/gents lifestyle clothing
  • Large industrial space with big windows and plenty of seating
  • Serves pastries, sandwiches, etc.

“Their coffee is sooooooo gooood. I don’t want to love this place as much as I do, because it’s in the Madison and surrounded by tech bros, but they make their drinks so well. (So wrong, feels so right? Something like that.) Lots of space to work as well, and generally not too loud.”

6) Le Petit Zinc

  • Coffee, crepes and French cuisine
  • Brunch menu
  • Lattes served in soup bowls
  • French countryside vibe with outdoor seating

“Wow! My impression of this hidden gem restaurant is fantastic. We sat outside at the patio near the water fountain with all these happy birds chirping and it was so relaxing. Their service was top notch and knowledgeable. We had delicious crepes, cappuccino and latte. We will go back again, fo sho!” Adrean M. – Yelp

7) Roasting Plant

  • Custom-designed pneumatic tubes for super fresh cups of coffee
  • Top-quality beans harvested from the world’s greatest estates
  • Coffee subscriptions
  • Grinders, pressers and other drinkware for purchase

“Love the variety of fresh roasted and unroasted coffee beans. The air powered tubes running all around the store give this place an industrial mad-scientist vibe—exactly how I like my coffee spots.” —Jordan R. -Yelp

8) Urban Bean

  • Locally roasted coffee
  • Catering and delivery
  • Inside seating with a view; outdoor seating when the weather is nice
  • Appreciation for electronic music

“Great place for a cup of coffee, locally owned, no big chain corporate feel. Best coffee in the area. I get a cup every morning and enjoy the city view from their loft seating. Great place to check out!” Mical B. -Yelp

9) Avalon Cafe and Bakery

  • Coffee drinks, plus a full-service kitchen and bakery
  • Grab-and-go sandwiches, beverages, vegan baked goods, etc.
  • Great downtown location with industrial/diner vibe
  • A three bottom-line business model: commitment to earth, community and employees

“Spotted the Avalon bakery on a beautiful Sunday stroll. It’s located in such a perfect location downtown, right in the middle of casual shopping. We grabbed some iced drinks (chai/dirty chai lattes) and a few baked goodies while passing through. It seems to be a great spot for brunch by the looks of the menu and crowd!” Mia B.- Yelp

10) The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company

  • Globally sourced, responsibly grown coffee
  • Serves hot food, baked goods and cocktails!
  • On the Q-line with outdoor seating
  • Coffee classes and digital brew guides

“From excellent single origin pour-overs to pastries delivered daily from Bread by Crispelli, Great Lakes always strives for perfection. Their midtown location has a very artistic environment and great natural lighting. Walls have exposed brick and floors are rustic wood. They also have alcoholic beverages and a full menu if you’re looking for lunch or appetizers.” Kristen D.– Yelp

11) Narrow Way Cafe & Shop

  • Community-oriented shop features Zingerman’s coffee
  • Family-owned on Livernois Ave.
  • Pastries from Avalon Breads

“All I can say is WOW! This place is impeccable and is such a breath of fresh air. Upon walking in, I was immediately greeted by Micah and David.” Christina Z. -Yelp

And uptown, beyond Starbucks, you’ll find. . .

12) The Great Lakes Coffee at The Maple Theater

  • Great Lakes’ full complement of coffees brewed manually
  • Pastries, food and a full-service liquor bar, plus the lure of the movies
  • A hot “urban spot” in the burbs for meetings any time of day.

The aroma of fresh ground coffee mingled with buttery popcorn? A winning combo in a full-service café in a theater setting.Reclaimed wood floors and a custom-fabricated fireplace provide a warm and inviting setting to meet friends, or business associates. Enclosed patio seating recently added for sunny days.

12) An unabashed plug for a coffee breakaway at Federation

  • Kosher-style coffee, occasional bagels, always free
  • By invitation to meetings of the mind at the Max M. Fisher Building on the 2nd floor
  • Nothing fancy, pour your own, but the company is always warm
  • Drop-ins welcome