It’s easy to talk about connection points between Michigan and Israel. From campers to missions to aliyah, Pam Lippitt, Executive Director of the Michigan Israel Business Bridge (MIBB), weaves all these things into conversations while promoting business links for Michigan and Israel companies, investors and researchers.

As advocate, promoter and principal bridge-builder for MIBB for the past six years, Pam speaks with authority about Israel’s leadership in technology development and innovation, its top universities and its high-tech companies centered in life science, cyber and homeland security, alternative energy, water technologies and agritech. “Israel is a perfect match for Michigan, where research and development centers are plentiful and provide support and engineering for a wide range of industries.”

Based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, the MIBB office fields emails and calls from government officials from across the state and companies looking to expand offices either here or in Israel. As a result, MIBB’s Israel-based members have seen major investment by Michigan companies, as well as new acquisitions. From a small office, Pam and Caryn Zeitlin, MIBB Director, Strategic Relations, are getting big things done.

An exciting new development

Powered through a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), the State of Michigan has provided initial funding to MIBB to increase its outreach to Michigan and Israeli companies. With the grant, MIBB recently launched Michigan Israel Connect (MIC), a technology procurement program aimed at promoting technology-based business collaborations by matching the technology needs of Michigan companies with solutions offered by Israeli technology providers.

One of the ways MIC works is through its listing platform found on the MIBB website, which offers powerful resources to launch companies into the next stage of their respective growth.

Far more than a business-to-business network, MIC provides robust matchmaking solutions, a distinct advantage in the market when technologies can shape, impact and often disrupt both the present and the future of entire business sectors. Using MIC, companies can enter and move rapidly through a fast-growing list of offerings of technologies in a variety of sectors. The Michigan Israel Connect also provides a platform of entry into the North American market for many Israeli start-up technology companies. MIBB currently is recruiting companies to enroll in the program, and then connecting companies once potential matches are found.

Continuing the conversation

Collaboration takes conversation. MIBB staff and members of the Board of Directors often find themselves in strategic positions to start conversations in high powered executive offices throughout the state of Michigan. In the discussion about doing work together, opportunities abound for expanding the conversation about Israel, where democracy is alive and well, where business is thriving, where almost every Fortune 500 company has a research and development center. “We may not be a membership fit for everyone, but we are certainly a fit for those who want the Michigan Israel business economy to thrive,” says Pam.“The more people know  the business and tech environment in Israel today, the more we have to talk about the opportunities for start-up companies and the potential for business collaborations that lie ahead.”

To learn more about MIBB and its membership, join the conversation. Contact Pam Lippitt,  or call 248-642-1701.

Reservations are now open to the 3rd Annual MIBB Ambassador Awards Dinner celebrating Michigan Israel Partnerships which will be held November 2, 2016,  5:30 p.m., at The Westin, 1500 Town Center, Southfield, MI.