We’ve scoured the internet for the greatest of Chanukah gifts.

Like many Jewish traditions, giving gifts on Chanukah is explained with an array of theories. The origin of American Jews wrapping up presents and passing them out, sometimes for eight days in a row, could very well have something to do with that other holiday that falls around the same time. But regardless of why, if you’re giving gifts this Chanukah, why not give a Chanukah gift that doesn’t just say Chanukah but really screams “CHANUKAH!” To make it extra easy, we’ve scoured the internet for the greatest of Chanukah gifts that any dreidel-spinning, latke-eating, Maoz Tzur-singing friend of yours is sure to get a kick out of this  year.


Gelt Fiend

There’s a fine line between hip and cool and ugly and ironic, and the sweaters found at Gelt Fiend have managed to masterfully blur that line. One thing is for sure, they’re fun. And they have baby pajamas, so they’re good in our book.


Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe boasts a great selection of Chanukah-themed gifts. Everything from high-end Jonathan Adler menorahs to kitschy driedel-shaped cupcake pans. But there’s just something about these leggings that are certain to make you the official Chanukah rockstar at every holiday party you stroll into this season.


Midrash Manicures

Chanukah nail decals. Just let that sink in for a minute. Itty-bitty Judah Maccabee and a teeny-weeny latke are two tenths of the cuteness in this ridiculously festive manicure set from Midrash Manicures.  And they don’t stop at Chanukah, oh no. Midrash Manicures has you covered year round. Ten fingers, ten plagues, just saying.


The Jewish Museum

A museum gift shop might not be the first place you’d think to do your Chanukah shopping, but that’s only if you’ve never checked out the Jewish Museum’s online shop. While there are pages of gifts to look through, this mighty menorah stands out from the rest. Jewish Detroit, please meet the Menorasaur.


Latke Earrings

A little blue box and whatever it might contain has nothing on these gems come Chanukah time. Life-like latke earrings. No additional explanation needed.


The Gift of Giving

But at the end of the eight days, when the wrapping paper is all ripped up, and you’ve shrunk the sweater and lost an earring, there’s one gift that’s just as great as the day it was given — the gift of giving. This Chanukah, consider giving a gift to the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit in someone’s name and give them the opportunity to take care of the needs of the Jewish people and build a vibrant Jewish future in Detroit, in Israel and around the world. Judah Maccabee would be so proud.