FoodFood Justice September 29, 2016

Michael Twitty: A Kosher Soul

On a Journey to Connect His African and Jewish Roots

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GenerationsNEXTGen Detroit September 29, 2016


Before there were inspiration boards, there were inspiring bubbes.

FoodHolidays September 29, 2016


…and form an educational Venn Diagram.

NEXTGen DetroitOpinion September 29, 2016

Making Detroit an Exception to the Pew Rule

The identity of the young American Jew isn’t fading, it’s evolving, and the proof is right here in Detroit.

Leadership DevelopmentMissions to IsraelTeens September 29, 2016

Team Spirit on a Teen Mission

Pooling Resources and Creating Partnerships to Send Teens to Israel

DogsFamily Life September 29, 2016

Almost Home for Kosher Dogs

Ready to Welcome a New Member to Your Tribe?

Gutman family-photo
AgenciesFamily September 29, 2016

A House Fire Brings Out the Best in the Community

Our Tisha B'Av Story

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