If you have yet to see The Pickle Recipe, be sure to put it on your plate this weekend and enjoy.

Detroit-filmed and Detroit-set,  The Pickle Recipe opened last weekend at the Emagine Novi and The Maple where it broke a house record for 2016 in terms of attendance.

Written by two lifelong Detroiters and former ad men from Doner, Sheldon Cohn and Gary Wolfson, this heartfelt comedy tells the story of a desperate Detroit party entertainer who, along with his shameless uncle, tries to steal his Polish grandma’s top secret kosher dill pickle recipe so he can MC his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Unfortunately, Grandma guards her recipe like a hawk. People find it laugh-out-loud funny with plenty of Jewish humor including a fake rabbi.

“Not everyone has a grandma like ours,” says Cohn,  “But the impact of this film has been remarkable with a 98 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences have found the ending filmed at beautiful Temple Shir Shalom especially moving. Around the country it actually changes people’s perception of Detroit with it’s cinematic depiction of interesting cultural neighborhoods.

Detroiters will be happy to see that The Pickle Recipe prominently features recognizable locations such as Woodward Avenue, Ford Field and the Ambassador Bridge. Hygrade Deli, home of Detroit’s famous corned beef sandwiches on Michigan Avenue, was transformed into “Irv’s Deli.”pickle

With a great cast of comedian Jon Dore, Lynn Cohen of Sex and the City and Academy Award Nominee David Paymer,the reception of The Pickle Recipe has been incredible and everyone who watches it seems to enjoy it immensely.

For those who stay through the closing credits, there are dozens of recognizable names receiving special thanks, including Marla and Mark Canvasser, Avern and Lois Cohn, Eleanor and Larry Jackier, Shari Ferber Kaufman and Alon Kaufman, Susie and Norm Pappas and Lisa and Hannan Lis.



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